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The Business Doctor

Why Zarina is considered to be a Business Doctor


When you’re ill, you go to your GP who askfor your symptoms from which he/she diagnoses your illness, writes a prescription which you later take to the chemist and over time you take the medication,  - whatever it is, oral pills , a change in diet, increased exercise,  more leisure activities…there are many adjustments your GP may suggest depending on what’s wrong with you.


In an ideal scenario, your Doctor (like your dentist) will say its better to come when your not showing symptoms, so that you can plan your future when things aren’t critical, but most of us leave it till we’re struggling and in pain and often when we are about to go on holiday and don’t have the time to even have the conversation with the doctor, yet by some miracle you do find it and you end up in the surgery.


A sick business works exactly the same way.


Most people call us in when they are running out of resources – cash, time, energy, clients, staff, there are hundreds of reasons and then we have to diagnose what has caused the symptoms, and together with the business owner or Managing Director, we agree on the way forward and a plan to get the business well again.


Those who fail, who remain sick, are always the ones who agree to take the medicine but then don’t follow through and the sick business always dies a slow and miserable death.


It doesn’t have to be like this. The only reason, in our experience a business ever does is because the person at the top has let it.


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