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“Zarina has brought a new dimension to our company. She has encouraged us to expand our horizons using tried and tested business acumen. The depth of our management structure has been redefined enabling many more employees to take on responsibility that previously would not  have been

accorded to them.


This has resulted in a much more involved management team who has worked very hard to ensure that we have been able to compete in the very difficult market that we have experienced on the last two years.


Without her overseeing these operations we would have found this a much more difficult task. I truly thank her.”

“Zarina has a wealth of experience in management and is exceptionally good at forward planning and risk analysis and being able to spot problems well before they happen and coming up with good sustainable  business plans.”


“Zarina provides clarity where there is lack of strategy.  Particularly representing the business sector.….the motives and priorities.  This is pertinent as there is an obvious gap between commercial imperatives and social responsibility.  Her experience of the world of work and how it is ‘organised’ and how future work patterns can offer opportunity to the disabled community is crucial - especially with the rise of social enterprises.”

“…an Internet genius”

“…thinks outside the box, innovative ideas and a great enthusiasm to help and see the ideas turn to reality I have known Zarina for sometime and I Know her to be reliable and trustworthy ”

“…a useful and cost effective asset to my business”

“If you need help with planning and marketing your business, whatever age or size it may be, I would highly recommend Zarina’s services”

.…Organisational and Operational Improvement

….Sustainable Business Plans


….The Internet


….Cost Effective Solution