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Founder of Maxima Associates: Zarina Naqvi MSc FIC

Zarina’s early career was spent as Head of Finance for major global blue chips such as USA TODAY (Europe Middle East & Africa), Intercontinental Hotels , Se Banken and more , during periods of vast change  - growth , technical and organisational development. She then became an entrepreneur at the end of the last recession and with a business partner, after spotting changes in the law that would bring major opportunities  to a previously untapped sector, built a successful business and sold it in 2001 after 7 years of constant expansion.


With her usual insight, she forecast the changes that the Internet and Digital mediums would bring to the global

economy and  immersed herself in the Internet and Technology sectors as a consultant to improve operations, secure funding or leverage their core business,  during which time she learned information about the internet  that is today only understood by very few.


She has given lectures on various subjects surrounding the Internet and others such as Finance for Non Financial Managers, Starting a UK business, The Challenges of Running a Global Business, Innovation and Creativity to various organisations including the Institute of Directors, Chambers of Commerce , Colleges and via workshops to a varied audience.


In 2007 she returned to University and studied a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship  i.e. the commercialisation of products, processes, inventions and Intellectual Property, at University College London and London Business School.


She currently runs an online business The London Seed Emporium, (2003) Management Consultancy Maxima Associates is an ex-Vice President of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce  (2012) a Governor of Richmond Upon Thames College serving  as Chair of Remuneration and a member of the Audit committee  and is a Fellow of the Institute of Consultants whose London Region Board she serves on with responsbability for Publicity.


Latest news......

From May 2011 Zarina is serving on a panel  chosen by Lord True, Leader of Richmond Upon Thames  Borough  Council to advise on the regeneration of Twickenham Town Centre over the next 4 years , producing an Action Plan that will revive business, transport, green spaces and mitigate  problems of traffic and lack of facilities. The plan is expected to take 15 to 20 years to embed . Zarina is the  Lead on Business and Retail. More about the Panel from Lord True







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